Domaine AU PERISSON is unveiled in a green setting, at the end of a small path lined with fields, against the backdrop of the Gers countryside.

Vast typical stone house of the XVII century, on a former wineyard, Domaine AU PERISSON welcomes you for your holidays, your weekends and your events (weddings, seminars, birthdays …).

Nestled in the heart of a park, this property is a destination for relaxation and escape. An eco-friendly haven of peace and Feng Shui, the estate is an ideal starting point for exploring this sumptuous region of southwestern France.

Outside world

Rich in vegetation, the natural swimming pool, the park and the wild pond invite to the spring relaxation and to the summer strolls.

For a night or for a longer stay, come and enjoy the tranquility of the place and recharge your batteries in this idyllic setting.

Natural swimming pool

Our natural swimming pool is composed of an 11 × 4 meter swimming pool, and works with a purification system by aquatic plants (filtration and regeneration basins, without addition of chemical product).

This method of swimming is part of our ecological commitment and attests to our desire for harmony with nature. You swim in pure+ water, you can watch dragonflies, frogs and swallows cohabit in perfect symbiosis and relax listening to the sound of water.

A unique experience that awakens your five senses.


Park & ​​vegetable garden

In the heart of a rural setting, the park of 2 hectares, offers a space of choice to take a nap in the shade of century-old linden trees, to read in the middle of the orchard or simply to discover the vegetables in the biological garden.

From spring to autumn, discover strawberries, tomatoes, melons, pumpkins … not to mention fresh and aromatic herbs.

An assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables grown by us in the respect of the environment that you will find on your plate at night, at the table d’hôte and in the morning, at breakfast.


Interior world

To complete the comfort of the 3 guest rooms, the house offers spacious indoor spaces. In winter or for rainy days, the sofas of the different lounges are there to make you feel « at home« .

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the house and will keep you connected.

No dogs are allowed on the property.


The sitting room of 45m square, dedicated to the cocooning, offers 500 books in French and English, from comics to philosophical novel, there is something for everyone !!!

The budding musicians will enjoy the piano and the guitar and if you are a player, a box to play is full of board games.

By the fire, sit in one of the sofas and armchairs to enjoy this sweet and cozy atmosphere.


Chambre d’hôtes en Gers, Midi-Pyrénées
Chambre d’hôtes en Gers, Midi-Pyrénées

NUEIT Lounge

The 40msquare lounge, dedicated to multimedia, offers a TV area (flat screen), DVD and modern & vintage vidéo games.

Cinema lovers, we have a film library of more than 5000 international references and we like to share our cinematographic experiences with our guests.

Fancy a movie night at NUEIT or in your room, express your request and we will respond. This lounge can also be a place to share emotions around sporting or festive events.



The « kitchen » area of ​​45m², welcomes our guests for their meals around a family table of 10 people.

We serve breakfast but also dinner. The place is a real living room where we like to share moments of conviviality.


Chambre d’hôtes en Gers, Midi-Pyrénées
Chambre d’hôtes en Gers, Midi-Pyrénées


The front door, dedicated for guests, is an authentic fragment of Gascon architecture.

The lobby serves the living rooms, the cloakroom, the ground floor toilet and the staircase leading to the 3 bedrooms on the 1st floor.

The walls are decorated in a unique and modern style; masterpieces of the Street Art movement enliven this place of passage.


Pleasures of the table

The pleasures of eating have always been an integral part of Gers.

Gastronomy, good food and local produce make up the culinary wealth of our beautiful South West region.

The nature and the climate are all assets that allow us to have fresh and quality products all year round.
You will taste a sample of its flavorsd every morning for breakfast and evening meals (by reservation).

We are very attentive to the respect of your diet. Please do not forget to indicate us your possible food allergies.
(Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free, No Lactose …).

Chambre d’hôtes en Gers, Midi-Pyrénées


We serve a gourmet breakfast every morning to all our guests.

Breakfast runs from 8 to 10’ish, but all things are changeable with a little notice

petit déjeuner chambre d'hôtes gers domaine au perisson
petit déjeuner chambre d'hôtes gers domaine au perisson
petit déjeuner chambre d'hôtes gers domaine au perisson

Everything is freshly cooked, with local & garden products and « homemade » pasteries.

On request, service schedules can adapt to your program and activities.

For our most nostalgic guests of our breakfasts, we even give the secret of making our spreads and our pastries here.

-Fresh squeezed orange juice, hot drinks (green and black tea, homemade herbal teas, coffee, chocolate and milk).

– Several kinds of fresh bread from the baker (baguette, cereals, corn …) , brioche, « homemade » pastries, Swedish rolls or rusks, cereals and oatmeal.

– Salad of fresh fruits, dried fruits, homemade jams, local honey, hazelnut chocolate spread « maison » (depending on the harvest of hazelnuts).

– Sweet and salty butter, homemade yogurts.

– Salty notes: eggs, ham and cheese (On request).

– Daily newspaper (On request).

Apér’Hôte®, Table d’hôte & Pique-Nique

Depending on the season, our table d’hôte evolves into several formulas.

We need about 24 hours notice, so just drop us an email before your stay.

Et le midi ?

Afin de profiter au maximum de votre journée, nous vous proposons un panier pique-nique pour votre déjeuner, à déguster sur place ou à emporter.

Vous trouverez dans votre panier et en fonction des saisons : sandwich baguette avec jambon et fromage, œuf dur, crudités, condiments, fruit, pâtisserie et bouteille d’eau.

Saison Haute (de mai à septembre) : Apér’Hôte®

Au printemps et à l’été, nous proposons des apéro-dinatoires conviviaux entre hôtes et en extérieur (si la météo le permet). Assortiment de tapas composé de bouchées salées et sucrées, chaudes et froides, toasts, verrines, petites brochettes, charcuterie, fromage… variables en fonction de la production de notre potager et verger bio et de la disponibilité des produits locaux. En fonction du nombre de personnes, l’Apér’hôte® peut être sous forme de buffet ou à l’assiette.

Saison Basse (d’octobre à avril) : Table d’hôte

A l’automne et en hiver, nous proposons une table d’hôte sous forme de repas complet ou d’une assiette «Découverte».

– Le repas complet est un diner chaud, comprenant une entrée, un plat et un dessert.
– L’assiette « Découverte » est une assiette froide salée, comprenant un assortiment de charcuterie, de fromage, de crudités et de fruits frais et d’une assiette aux notes sucrées pour le dessert.

Nous privilégions des produits « fait-maison » et des produits locaux, sélectionnés par nos soins dans les fermes et chez les artisans et producteurs des environs. Notre potager, nous fournit légumes et herbes aromatiques pour la cuisine et pour les infusions.

Tarifs Table d’Hôte
Prix TTC/Par personne

-Apér’Hôte® & Table d’hôte
Sans alcool = 20€
Avec alcool = 25€
(Au choix : 2 verres de vin local ou 1 bière locale)

-Panier pique-nique = 10€
Vous pouvez également opter pour un sandwich baguette seul = 5€

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